2002 - 2022

20 years of history

the fruit of patience

Autumn 2002,

the revelation

Benoît Trocard came across Clos Dubreuil’s exceptional terroir in 2002. He was living in Australia at that time and saw his professional future in the Yarra Valley rather than in the region where he was born, but fate had different plans for him! Starting with 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres) in the early 2000’s, the young winegrower patiently rebuilt the estate that he intended to bring to life, investing every year in new equipment and neighbouring parcels of land. Every year, he takes part in pruning and debudding, and is there from when the first bunch is picked to when the last tank is pressed. Being a natural sportsman, this young owner even goes for runs in the vineyard, checking on the health of the vines, while maintaining his own. This is what led him to the ground-breaking idea for how to pitch the estate as a destination for wine tourists. Since 2019, he has been finishing off the work undertaken at Clos Dubreuil.

Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard

"I don’t want people just to buy Clos Dubreuil, I’d like them to experience it"

After 20 years of work, Benoît Trocard feels it is tile to develop wine tourism. He wants to be a premium but unusual offering. The objective is to give this hilltop site the feel of a village square that lives according to the winegrower’s calendar.

Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard

A vineyard

cultivated like a garden

Located on generous clayey limestone soils, the Clos Dubreuil estate covers 8.5 hectares (21 acres) within the village limits of Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes. The vines grow in ideal conditions up on the Saint-Émilion plateau. It is made up of four units that constitute a mosaic of terroirs, each with different characteristics.

The estate is at an average altitude of 80 metres (260 feet) and benefits from the best possible orientation and natural drainage from the clayey limestone soil, which enables its wines to express their complexity freely. This balanced mix combines the freshness derived from the clay with the filtering properties of the limestone rock.

"The vineyard is made up of 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet"

The Clos Dubreuil adventure begins with very modest resources in 2002. The new installation with its small tanks means Benoît can indulge his passion for parcel-specific vinification.

Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard

From the home cellar

to high-tech precision

The grapes of similar parcels are picked at the same time, so they can express their distinctive characteristics. The harvest is sorted three times and destemmed before being fed by gravity alone into tanks without being crushed. When alcoholic fermentation is over, the wines flow down by gravity to the barrel cellar, where malolactic transformation takes place. They are then aged in a cellar without air conditioning to avoid its drying effect. A ventilation system uses outside air to maintain the temperature between 14 and 18 C (57 to 64 F).

Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard

The wines,

the fruit from the work

"Benoit Trocard stands up for wines with powerful identities and pays no lip service to the excesses of fashion."

Clos Dubreuil

Appellation : Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
Average age of the vines: 40 years
"... a gorgeous, hedonistic wine that is loaded with notes of flowers, black cherries, glycerin and fruit"

Dubreuil Chardonnay

Appellation : Vin de France
Average age of the vines: 11 years
"Chardonnay varietal. Quite intense, dark yellow with a glint around the edges. Spicy bouquet with hints of resin and pine..."


Appellation : Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
Average age of the vines: 40 years
"Concentrated aromas and flavors of ripe black plums and cherries with dark chocolate notes... fresh acidity and a long peppery finish"

"For several years now, we have been making our wines in the winery with its very latest equipment. Benoît works like a craftsman, sparing no cost in seeking to make the best wine possible to bear the Clos Dubreuil name. These are great Saint-Émilion keeping wines that in a way transcend fashion. You have to wait for them to be ready, but ten years down the road, what a delight! Real great wines, like true connoisseurs love them"

Michel Rolland


wine tourism out of the ordinary

The public will begin to be welcomed to Clos Dubreuil in the summer of 2022, when the property will be opened to visitors by appointment. So, the new operational building will also be an area for visitors with a professional tasting room upstairs and a reception room opening out onto a terrace with a panoramic view. On the ground floor, technical areas will look out onto a central “village square” with a pop-up bar. All the wines and products served at Clos Dubreuil will be on sale in an old-style grocers, open all year round. These products are directly sourced with no intermediaries and highlight the talents that contribute to local gastronomy and celebrate the abundance of these terroirs.

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Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard
Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard
Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard
Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard
Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard

Clos Dubreuil offers a wide range of tours to appeal to every taste. These include visits including tasting, our boutique and the pop-up bar, ranging up to a complete overnight stay surrounded by vines..

Vins - Clos Dubreuil - Vignoble Saint-Emilion - Benoit Trocard

La maison

immersive experience and privacy

The Clos Dubreuil architectural and landscape project focuses on two complementary aspects: being immersed in the life of the estate, and enjoying the private luxury of Maison Dubreuil and its gardens. The very large accommodation will include six studios with one master suite of more than 70 sq. m (750 sq. ft). The suites will be available for individual bookings, while the whole building could also be privatised for premium VIP customers. Above the boutique, a cosy room opens out onto a roof terrace with a view out over the village and the garden of vines. This is ideal for private and/or professional events, but can also be adapted to suit smaller groups with premium services (a kitchen designed to accommodate private cooks, a cellar with prestigious wines, a gym and a swimming pool, sessions with a personal trainer, yoga lessons can also be provided, billiards room and library, excursions, top-class concierge services...).

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